Pre Pointe Assessment

Starting en pointe is such an exciting milestone for your daughter, but it is important to remember that she only has one body for the rest of her life! Pointe is a beautiful art form when done well however it is not a normal human function. It is for this reason that correct preparation and a Pre Pointe Assessment is essential before starting en pointe.

Along with her normal ballet classes it is important she is assessed by a qualified health professional who has experience with ballet dancers. Bec has trained and prepared to gain the necessary skills to be a part of this exciting moment in your daughter’s life.

What Is Involved?

Having grown up with a dancing background, Bec has the ability to understand the multitude of pressures, both physically and psychologically that can make a huge difference in developing the optimal programming and treatment for your dancer. Bec has been specifically trained to conduct detailed pre-pointe assessments, creating training programs to correct their individual biomechanics and technical elements prior to going onto pointe.

In the Initial Pre Pointe Assessment, Bec will assess the dancer in detail to determine their readiness for pointe. This includes assessing pointe range, foot control, turnout range and pelvic stability, core control and the application of all of these in basic ballet steps. After the assessment, the teacher will receive a report, outlining what was seen and prescribed. The dancer will be given a set of exercises to work on until their next appointment.

All our Pre Pointe and Dance Assessment consultations are an hour long, allowing Bec to spend quality time with them and enable a thorough assessment, treatment (if necessary) and tailored exercise program development. While our assessments are detailed and specific, our aim is to never make a dancer feel small or incompetent but to empower them with the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed.

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Pre Pointe