Insurance Physiotherapy

Physios at Dynamic Physio & Rehab are qualified in assessing and treating CTP insurance patients and motor vehicle associated injuries.

Dealing with the physical effects of a motor vehicle accident can be a challenging process. That’s where Dynamic Physio & Rehab comes in: our MVA rehabilitation programs are tailored for individual needs and includes both manual therapy and proactive treatments such as home exercise and ergonomic training.

What kind of MVA-Related injuries do we treat?

  • Whiplash, the symptoms of which include neck, shoulder and LBP. Dizziness, headache, migraines, blurred vision and stiffness.
  • Broken bones –rehab
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Hip strains
  • Lower back injuries

and much more.

Book an appointment with Dynamic Physio & Rehab

Yes definitely! Starting a claim with the insurers can be difficult and time- consuming. Therefore, starting physiotherapy treatments for your condition is usually recommended.

However, you will first need to pay the fee for the physiotherapy treatments.

Once your claim is approved you can give the invoice to the insurers and get your fees reimbursed.

We communicate to all the team members associated with your care.

Our physios believe that it is imperative for effective and constant communication between nominated treating doctor, insurance companies, employers and any other health professionals involved in your care. This is why we regularly send reports and other relevant information to the above parties to ensure that you’re getting the best care possible and to make sure there is a seamless transition upon return to work or to your previous functional ability pre accident.