NormaTec Recovery

The NormaTec compression therapy is an extremely effective recovery method following intense workouts, helping reduce soreness and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

It consists of a compression device that surrounds your legs. These compression units then utilize compressed air to massage your limbs, leading to mobilized fluid and faster recovery and recuperation following intense exertion.

Instead of simply squeezing the limb using static compression, this innovative technology utilizes pulsing, similar to what you would experience in a manual massage.

The pulsing alternates between different zones while other areas hold, improving the movement of fluid out of the limbs.


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Benefits of NormaTec Therapy​:
  • Increased circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Removal of exercise related wastes and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Improved athletic performance

In order to use the compression garments, you can;

  1. Attend the clinic and use with in our centre. This rate $30 per session (30 minutes). Session packs are also available for bulk purchase.
  2. Rent out for a weeks time. The rate for this is $100 per week. A bond is required.
Single Session

(30 minute appointment)

Double Session

(60 minute appointment)