Physical Fitness Assessment

A physical fitness assessment consists of a series of exercises that help evaluate a patient’s overall health and physical status. The assessment will incorporate a variety of tests specifically designed for the patient in relation to their goals.

Your goal may be that you want to be able to run with your grandkids, or start playing inter-club soccer on the weekends or it may be that you’re working towards an elite event such as a marathon. Regardless of your goal, physical testing is a great way to measure and record your current level of strength and fitness so progress can be tracked much more effectively, monitor progress, and is useful in designing a patient specific and focused exercise program, tailored towards succeeding in your goal.

The testing will generally focus on four main areas. All four areas will be tested regardless of your goal however, depending on your goal will decide which specific tests are required. Below is a list of the tests which may be implemented.

Strength & Muscular Endurance

Maximum push up test

Core strength and stability test

Plank test

Body weight squat

Hand grip strength

Aerobic Capacity

Beep test

Step up test

1km run test

12-minute run test

500m row


Shoulder flexibility test

Sit and reach

Hamstring length

Hip range of motion

Lumbar mobility

Calf length

Balance & Coordination Tests

Y Balance test

Balance board test

Multiple single leg hop stabilisation test

Vital sign measurements such as heart rate and blood pressure will be conducted throughout to ensure safety.

It is recommended that testing is repeated every 4-6 weeks from initial testing. These results are also extremely helpful in providing further information to your personal trainer so they can also assist with optimal progress.

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